Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information that exists out there? Sometimes, it seems like it would take several lifetimes to get a good grasp of any topic, and contribute something relevant.

Despite being intangible, knowledge is a form of capital that can accumulate over time. It…

An evolutionary perspective can provide deep insights to the study of economic behavior.

Despite being often criticized, economics is arguably the most successful social science when it comes to explain human behavior. Citation flows show that economic papers are cited more by other social sciences than they cite them.


Without a change of perspective, we might never become aware of the new properties that emerge in the higher level networks in which we participate, yet these might be crucial to promote stability in the system.

Understanding the risks and benefits from living in an interdependent world can be daunting…

Mélusine Boon-Falleur

Mélusine Boon-Falleur is a PhD student in Cognitive Science at the ENS Paris. Personal website: www.melusinebf.com

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