Are members of the blockchain community different from the rest of us?

  • EthCC attendees trust people and institutions less
  • EthCC attendees care less about the environment
  • EthCC are much less satisfied with their country’s political system
  • EthCC attendees favor more private property
  • EthCC attendees have a more favorable opinion on science and technology
  • EthCC attendees think that blockchain technology can solve many problems, such as climate change or inequality
Satisfaction with the political system in the country of the respondent was calculated on a scale from 1 (not satisfied at all) to 10 (completely satisfied). Higher scores thus indicate more satisfaction towards the political system. The average attitude towards ownership was 3.38 in the blockchain sample and 4.78 in the World Value Survey sample (difference = 1.40, p = 0.000).
  • EthCC attendees were not more right-wing than the general population (if anything they were more left-wing, although the difference was not statistically significant)
  • EthCC attendees trust people they meet for the first time or foreigners more so than the general population does
  • EthCC attendees expressed high levels of trust in the scientific community
  • EthCC attendees were similar to the general population in terms of how much income redistribution or economic competition they approved of




Mélusine Boon-Falleur is a PhD student in Cognitive Science at the ENS Paris. Personal website:

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Mélusine Boon-Falleur

Mélusine Boon-Falleur

Mélusine Boon-Falleur is a PhD student in Cognitive Science at the ENS Paris. Personal website:

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